Le Fer Hall

Paige Chickadaunce

What is your hometown?
Sullivan, Indiana

What high school did you attend?
Sullivan High School

What is your major?
Psychology with minors in Education and Mathematics

List what you’re involved in on campus (clubs, organizations, etc).
Service31, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Campus Ministry, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Track and Field

Why did you choose SMWC?
I chose SMWC because of the feeling I got when I stepped on campus. I could immediately picture what the campus would look like during each of the seasons and I loved how welcoming everyone was when I came on my visit. I could see myself fitting right in.

How would you describe SMWC?
I would describe SMWC as one big family. It is a place where everybody knows everybody. Not only that, but everybody supports one another in sports and clubs.

What do you do for fun on campus?
If I’m looking for something fun to do on campus, I will enjoy a nice run or walk around the beautiful campus. Campus Life also hosts a lot of events for students that I often attend.

What do you love most about living on campus (only applies to students who live on campus)?
The thing I love most about living on campus is creating those relationships with my Resident Assistant and fellow dorm residents. Being on campus also allows me to attend any of the campus life events I choose.

How is SMWC different from other schools?
SMWC is different from other schools in the aspect that we have created a close-knit community. We have a small school feel while still having competitive athletics and academic programs.

What advice would you share with an incoming freshman or transfer student?
My advice for an incoming freshman or transfer student would be to get involved and attend events because that is how you find your people.

In a couple statements, reflect on your time at The Woods.
My time at The Woods has reassured me of my college decision. I am constantly reminded by my enthusiasm towards SMWC classes and events that I am where I am supposed to be.